About Me

I feel my job as a makeup artist is truly wonderful. I get to meet lovely people, create art, create friendships and create happiness.

Meklaina Brocklehurst

I have enjoyed playing with makeup ever since I discovered it as a child, I am self taught and now been working professionally since 2015.

Although I have a passion for fantasy makeup, I am currently working on building up my beauty and fashion portfolio.

I take part at the ZCC, Zurich Comedy Club’s main production in Switzerland which is held twice a year for two weeks at a time doing Theatrical makeup, working with the actors and other members of the team is great fun, especially when we have to get creative.

I am also working with many talented photographers creating corporate headshots, beauty and fashion shots too.


Zurich Comedy Club – http://www.zcc.ch
Der Wilde Tiere Family Club – http://www.wilde-tiere.com
Yogichi – https://www.yogichi.co.uk


House Of Fraser Website
DeinDeal Website
Yoga Magazine

If you have any questions please get in touch.